The 8th Hole at Port Royal

As breathtaking as the “natural” scenery is in Bermuda, the views from the area golf courses almost seem surreal. These well manicured greens rolling and drifting to endless blue ocean, with white puffy clouds floating by seem  like they were ripped from a painter’s palette. For a serious golfer this would be Heaven on Earth.

This is the Port Royal Golf Course, its a public course and will be hosting the US Open in October. The 16th hole is world famous~ you literally have to tee off and shoot out over the Atlantic Ocean (yes I have a picture, and yes, I will post it 🙂 I imagine if you were to go scuba diving beneath the craggy transition zone where sea meets land, you’d find hundreds of Titleist balls beneath the water (maybe thousands).

This shot is from the 8th hole looking out toward the ocean. Took my breath away when I was shooting, had to stop and rethink this shot- I knew I wanted the pin to loom large against that big white cloud which just sat over us and took its sweet time crossing the sky.

Shot this with a 24-70mm f2.8 at 26mm, ISO 200, @ f5.6.


Port Royal 8th Hole (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


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