One Tree Hill

For years Ive been looking for a lonely tree shot… I don’t think this one accomplishes the objective but it’s a work in progress.

Would love to find a tree against the perfect sky (either silo or not) maybe a fence running through the image as well. Something that conveys that sense of broad expansive space, and yet a touch of loneliness. Maybe a big oak tree (so if anyone knows a shoot location like this, plane tickets can be readied immediately).

This was shot on the POrt Royal Golf Course in Bermuda. Actually, had to edit out 2 trees to the left in digital darkroom post-processing (so powerful is the call to find that ONE TREE).

While I liked the full color version, I also liked the quick B&W conversion that Nik’s Silver Efex Pro gave the images’ look and feel… so went with it 🙂


One Tree Hill (c) Joseph Rowland 2009

One Response to “One Tree Hill”

  1. I have to get that NIK software. this is beautiful, btw but there are no lonely trees in the Caribbean. You need West Texas.

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