Yesterday’s Stardust

At the Neon Boneyard the remnants of yesterday’s Vegas are strewn about the property… actually 2 properties. These Stardust letters were in the second Boneyard and were just begging for an HDR shot. Why? Shooting in the Las Vegas sun tends to blow things out rather quickly. This image was taken at almost 6pm and it was still fairly bright, but the sun was beginning to position itself a bit lower in the sky, and the signs helped block most of the strongest light.

I very much like the mirrored reflections of sunlight at the bottom left of the image. The sun was bouncing off the back of the signs and careening about… it seems to spill out of the sign itself. A nice little addition which I think, really helps pop the image.


P.S., I didn’t get a chance to say Thank You to Nancy the very helpful volunteer who guided me through the shoot. She had been a Showgirl for 12 years at the Stardust (I believe) and related the storied histories of the signs as we walked past them. It was a real treat to have met her.

Stardust at the Neon Boneyard (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


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