Boneyard Details

I wrote the other day how different shooting the Neon Boneyard was from my usual landscape favorites. For the first few minutes I felt, well, uncomfortable that I wasn’t “seeing or feeling it.” The camera seemed foreign in my hand (which it never does) and as my eyes processed the signs, the framed compositions that usually run through my mind were absent.

A bit unnerving. To say the least… especially after paying for the time to shoot.

I switched gears from grand to small… from macro to micro and focused on the details of the signs. The bulbs, the color and textures, the vibrant script and fonts, the weathered paints and varnish wearing off. The story to be told was the memory of the these signs. To make them “noble,” even after their glory had faded and they lay now in disuse and disrepair in a desert graveyard.

So I set about switching the lens of my mind, and found small things that made me stare a minute longer, or caught my attention due to the light falling a certain way.

This is one of those images… and believe it or not it’s one of my favorites from the Boneyard shoot. I love the colors, the textures, the dent in the side of the metal swirl on the right side of the frame and the wway the sunlight makes the right side of the sign glow a little bit (as if it WANTED to be relit!).   I printed it big tonight (13×19) , and I’ll be sending it out to MPIX PRO (which I joined and will be reviewing when I receive my prints)… and I smiled as it rolled off my Epson. Just a great image that in one frame accomplished my goal of telling the story of the place I was so privileged to visit and capture.


Boneyard Swirl (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


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