Morning Rises in the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a cool place (with an even cooler name!). It’s about an hour North of Las Vegas and is filled with some interesting shooting locations. This is by Rainbow Vista. A great place to watch the sun rise. I’ve got it on my list of places to “redo” when I get a chance, since this was my first time to the location and I wasn’t 100% sure what the hell I was doing or where I was going. đŸ™‚

One of the really neat things are the sand waves created by the winds blowing through the rocky corridors. The grains pile up into thin strips, thick ribbons, and little dunes around the large rock formations. This ongoing and ever changing pattern caught my eye, so I got low to the ground and tried to find a location that captured the essence of the place- the red rocks, the sand waves, the scrubby trees clinging to whatever they could find to anchor their roots.

An amazing place that I can’t wait to revisit one day.


Morning Rises in the Valley of Fire (c) Joseph Rowland 2009

One Response to “Morning Rises in the Valley of Fire”

  1. Oh man, this is gorgeous.

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