Sunburst at Sunrise

One of my favorite moments is when the sun makes its appearance over the horizon. The beginning of a new day is heralded by those spreading rays of light- golden, and brilliant, albeit only for a few moments before it overpowers everything else and the light turns to mush.

This was taken at Rainbow Vista in the Valley of Fire, thought it would be neat to capture that sunrise from this vantage point, with the desolate desert at my feet. Opened the aperture which allows for those “bursts” and rays of light to really be pronounced, and bracketed 5 frames to process this HDR image in post using Photomatix. I think sunrise and sunsets lend themselves to HDR very nicely, as they capture those details in the shadows- you just have to work it in post to reduce the “HDR-ness” of the image, make it more natural and reflect the scene as it was.

Good morning! Enjoy!

Sunburst at Sunrise (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


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