Mangrove Bay, Bermuda

The thing that made me take this picture was the way the clouds were scattering the sunlight. Behind me a storm was brewing so the sun light was beaming and pinging around in scattered rays, ahead of me (the direction of the picture) was pretty clear, but the scattered light was intensified across the middle of the sky- hence those really prominent bands of blue. This is another HDR image, with quite a bit of post work done to it- I used one of the bracketed images and masked it across the bottom of the image to bring back the “naturalness” of the boats and water- I’ve noticed that when you HDR bright white items, they tend to get “dirty” looking. So using CS3, I was able to clean it up and present the image below.


Mangrove Bay, Bermuda (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


One Response to “Mangrove Bay, Bermuda”

  1. The skies in the Caribbean are something special and this is a gorgeous photograph.

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