Magic Light at Jenne’s Farm

Magic Light, Jenne Farm, Vermont (c) Joseph Rowland 2009Photography is a lot like golf. Frustrating at times, challenging, keeps you thinking, it’s a “game” against yourself more than playing others. You against the elements, and usually the elements win, however, once in a while you nail the 7 iron shot that lands just right… and sometimes the sun peeks out from distant, grey, ugly clouds to spread its warming rays on the land below.

This is Jenne’s Farm in Vermont, just South of Woodstock in a town called Reading. Blink, and you would miss the sign for it. Shame if you did. It should be the State’s Postcard. Moose Peterson’s DLWS shot here last year, and I loved the images he posted~ thought since I was in the neighborhood I would drop on by… with the 15 or 20 other photographers milling about. Seems like Jenne has reached the pinnacle of photo fame- Forrest Gump, Funny Farm and Budweiser have all filmed here. It’s been a photo mecca since the 1950’s. They do ask for a donation for shooting, and you can also purchase the greatest Maple Syrup your taste buds have ever been treated too, do both, and then go “click,” “click,”… “click.”

It’s easy to see why. Rolling hills, incredible woods, the quintessential red barn with tin roofs.

What was disappointing at first was the sky was so overcast the trees had no pop. I figured that would be the best I would get, until that sun snuck out and lit the landscape with this glowing light… Fired off 5 or 6 frames and it was gone… Just like that. Poof! No more Magic Light. Glad I was there to capture it when it happened. It sure made this frame pop.



One Response to “Magic Light at Jenne’s Farm”

  1. That is a beautiful view…an instant in time.

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