A River Runs Through It

Awhile back I posted a blog entry about the Singh Ray Variable Neutral Density filter- besides being a mouthful, this think just rocks for extending your exposure time. And there is no better place to put that to use than photographing rivers and stream with fast moving water. You have 8 stops of light you can stop down, which can turn an 1/8 of a second exposure into multiple seconds, allowing that free flowing water to smooth out and blur through the image. Truly gives it that dreamy, romantic look and feel.

I spent a lot tf time working one specific river outside of Springfield. it had many of the qualities I had been looking for in shooting running water- a rapid decline with lots of rocks and water bypasses… these attributes give the image that cascading effect that when blurred, lends itself to a “mystical” feel. It also doesn’t hurt to have gorgeous woods as a backdrop (wink).


River Flow (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


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