Meadow Sunrise

I love this picture… the color, the wispy fog in the distance, the open space of the meadow… and the fence penning it all in.

..And I hate this picture… shot it hand-held in low light, it’s a tad blurry which will prevent me from printing it big. I broke the Golden Rule about low light shooting without a tripod. Wish I could call do-over…

Shame I can’t since it was snapped on a road outside of Crescent City, California.


Meadow Sunrise (c) Joseph Rowland 2009


4 Responses to “Meadow Sunrise”

  1. The struggle between the technical and the artistic is never ending. But somewhere between the two is genius. I don’t think this image is served by sharpness. Rather, it needs to be soft and it ought to be treated as a painting. The colors, especially of the sky, lend themselves to a soft, dreamlike, memory look.

  2. it’s a beautiful shot! spend some time with some huge and beautiful iconic landscape paintings… sharpness is not so common.

    did you realize that that fog was hiding an airport runway? That meadow is the crescent city airport.

  3. I remember you driving around the airport and we stopped to shoot this real quick because of the sky, but I didn’t realize that the airport was right there!

  4. well, I just looked at my pics from the same spot, in the same direction, on the same morning, at the same time… my shot was nice and sharp, and it is no where near as nice as yours. sharpness is overrated! You nailed it!

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