Halloween 2009

So it came and went and we had fun, lots of candy was tricked and treated… and consumed since Saturday. Bumblebee & The Bat blanketed the neighborhood like a precision surgical strike team. Even hit the houses with the “Best” candies twice (Whoppers, Hershey Chocolate Bars, and 3 Musketeers won the popularity poll)…

It’s times like these, when these memories will come and go, that I am thankful I picked up photography. I love the black & white of Aidan in his bat costume- that look on his face- the half smile, the anticipation of the tick-or-treat hunt about to happen… caught on my sensor for all time. I know years from now I’ll come back to that image and smile. Was a great day for them and for me (us!).The Walking Bat (c) 2009 Joseph Rowland

The Bat (c) Joseph Rowland 2009Bumblebee & The Bat (c) 2009 Joseph Rowland

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