Crossroads of the World

So DLWS NYC 2009 comes to a close.

We covered a lot of ground- from Wee Hawken sunset, to Liberty State Park sunrise, to Chinatown, Canal Street, SOHO, Central park… and a walking tour of Midtown… not to mention a peek at the George Washington Bridge as well. I’m pretty tired… ran on 4 hours of sleep a night since Sunday- each day up at 4:30am, and to bed around midnight (or later) finishing images, cleaning the gear, and figuring out what went well and what didn’t. Exhausting… and yet exhilirating.

This is an HDR from Times Square. Handheld, as tripods are a no-no and the tripod police will arrest you if they even sniff a carbon fiber beast in your pocket. So stood atop the “Red Steps”, steadied the old arms using the Joe McNally grip, exhaled and snapped 5 frames.

Have to clean up a few “Blurries” (people and objects that “move” between the 5 exposures… but overall, I think this image captures the energy and vibrance of this incredible place where the world comes together.



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