Galen Rowell Inspired

I was introduced to the incredible photography of Galen Rowell by my photog friends Stu and Ron on a trip out to the Redwood forest. We were at dinner talking about people who inspired us and for the life of me I had never heard of Galen… which in retrospect is a shame on me move. Since then, I’ve purchased pretty much all of his books, and have read through them several times over. In short, he was a master at capturing a photograph- compositionally and technically, his work never falls short of leaving me in awe. Tragically he died in a plane crash in 2002, I would have loved to have taken a workshop with him.

In his books he talks about interesting places to photograph, he talks about “transitional zones” where sea meets land, land meets sky, sea meets sky, forest meets meadow… you get the idea. Whenever I’m out shooting I think about these areas, and how best to capture the “change” and “tension” inherent when two different “forces of nature” collide.

This is taken from the Pompano Beach Club in Bermuda… fairly quiet and tame, but its an example of the transitional zone idea- sea meets land, and sea meets sky- I like the quietness of the scene, the long exposure captured the roiling water fighting against the rocks, and in the distance the sky turning multi-hued with the oncoming sunset. Great stuff… I always feel privileged to be standing there in a scene like this, with an armful of technology capturing it… quietly… to share with others.

Hope everyone had a Thankful Thanksgiving!



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