Nikon 24 PCE Portrait

This is my photog buddy Dan, a fellow DLWS-er for the NYC tour… I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting with him during some Adorama photowalks in NYC as well.

This shot was taken with a Nikon 24mm PCE, or Perspective Control Lens. It’s a tilt shift lens that allows you to move the focal plane away from the camera sensor- these lenses are highly specialized, and are typically used in architectural photography because they remove the building “tilting or falling in” effect caused by a regular lens. This was my first time shooting with a PCE lens, I borrowed it from my buddy Ron, whose camera bag is a virtual playground every time I see it (flashes, cables, and PCE lenses, oh MY!). Couple things, this lens takes some thought- focus is manual… can you believe it? In this day and age of space shuttles, Ralph’s ices, and iPhones, ya gotta turn the ring and change the aperture manually (gasp!). Also, there is a lot going on with the tilt shift mechanism- the lens literally rises and bends off its axis, so you have to get used to that shift in focus, and the accompanying depth of field change. It’s WICKED cool, but your mind takes a minute to catch on to the whole thing.

I’ll be posting a few other shots I took during the hour or so this lens was affixed to my D3. Must tell you, I’ve added it to my wishlist. I found it somewhat liberating for the lens to add an unknown “X” factor of focus and DOF to the image. I look forward to shooting with this puppy again 🙂


P.S… Dan plays guitar and I figured that this might serve well for a future solo album back cover… 🙂


2 Responses to “Nikon 24 PCE Portrait”

  1. The lens is used a lot in architectural photography. I love this image, the light and the way the background looks. Your friend is a good guy to know!


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