Meet Gus… and Happy New Year!

Meet Gus. He was one heck of a pup that happened to walk into the middle of our workshop and instantly had 30 very expensive lenses pointed in his direction. Didn’t seem to bug or bother him a bit. Went on wagging his tail, and licking everything in site. Couldn’t help put open the lens to 2.8 point it down and snap some frames. Best thing… no model release :-).

Funny thing, Joe McNally ended up snapping some pics of him as well as part of his lighting demo. Says a lot about the type of guy Joe is, he saw Gus, immediately went into lighting mode and I am sure ended up with National Geographic quality pics. Left me wondering if this pooch understood that his portrait had just been taken by one of the best photogs out there today, or if the owner for that matter, realized that I a doggie-portrait session with Joe would run in the low 5 figures! Again, just shows what type of guy he is.

On a personal note, I wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is full of love, laughter and joy… and that all your images are perfectly exposed 😉

Enjoy Gus!


One Response to “Meet Gus… and Happy New Year!”

  1. He is beautiful! Your portraits are amazing of man and pooch!

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