Street Shooting in Central Park

I struggle with street shooting… trying to get that candid “human nature” shot is more difficult than you think. People tend to have a blatant mistrust of a camera to begin with, more so when it’s aimed at them for no apparent reason. So you try to shoot inconspicuously, small lens, camera held close to your body until you are ready to shoot. No 70-200mm “howizter” on the end, maybe a 24-70, or a plain 50mm will suffice.

This was one of the challenges thrown out durng our DLWS workshop- capture “real moments” that tell a story to the viewer.

Again, tougher assignment than it seems.

This one snap I did like. Guy sitting reading on a bench in Central Park, he actually did look up- I raised my camera to ask for permission, he nodded and laughed and kept on reading. I snapped and kept on walking. I like the light in this image, it seems to work with how he’s sitting and how the book is composed in his hands.

One Response to “Street Shooting in Central Park”

  1. I agree, its a great image…it is a touch surreal.

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