Gratitude Beyond Belief- Rowland Photography Opens in Port Jefferson

So yesterday was the culmination of several months work, lots-of-sweat, late nights printing past 2am, long weekends, and working with great folks at my framers to finish off the images and breathe those last breaths to give them life (“It’s ALIVE”). Seeing the images I’ve snapped over the last few years hanging on the walls of our Gallery is well, nothing short of goose-bump making stuff.  Then having close to 100 people turn out to see the “Facebook Picture of the Day” brought to life, well, thats beyond goose-bump territory… its downright miraculous, and a bit overwhelming.

Folks drove as far as Pennsylvania, took the ferry from Connecticut and braved the George Washington Bridge to attend. Nothing humbles me more than the thought of all those eyes coming to see  these images I’ve captured. To those of you that came, I offer a really heartfelt thank you! And to those of you that purchased a Rowland Photography print… it’s beyond thank you, that’s the ultimate compliment that you’ve spent your hard earned money on something I’ve wrought. So I hope the images that land on your walls, and in your homes, bring a smile for many, many years to come.

Thank YOU!

… We are “OPEN” going forward 6 days a week (and by appointment on Thurdays), so if you are in Port Jefferson, please come visit us at 318 Wynn Lane (across from RUVO, who by the way just rocked the house with unbelievable food ALL DAY). Hours are posted below… hope to see you soon 🙂


3 Responses to “Gratitude Beyond Belief- Rowland Photography Opens in Port Jefferson”

  1. Well that brought a tear to my eye. You and Kathy are very loved and your pictures are breath takingly beautiful!!

    Good Luck!
    We love you
    Gina and Dave

  2. Congrats! We’re happy to see both you and Kathy enjoying your new family business. We wish both of you the best of luck and success in bringimg beautiful photography to many homes both near and far.

  3. What a great day for you and Kathy,Joseph. The Gallery is so beautiful. The photography is awesome and to think it has our name. Congratulations Joseph and Kathy on a splendid job. You are great.
    Aunt Eileen

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