Small Falls…

This i a close up of a river scene I worked in Vermont. The bigger version was posted some time ago “A River Runs Through It” is its title. I learned from my DLWS workshops, and specifically Joe McNally to work a scene. Go close, go wide, go low, go high… you get the idea. it’s great when a scene works in both the macro and micro points of view. The wide rushing river, and the close-up water flowing over the rocks.

Just great stuff, the stuff that makes taking photographs so much fun.

The blur by the way, was caused by using a Singh-Ray variable Neutral density Filter. It simply rocks when it comes to slowing down your shutter speed (up to 8 stops of light!). It takes only a few moments (or seconds) to get that dreamy, blur in water that is moving at a decent pace.

Have a great weekend! (and GO COWBOYS!)



2 Responses to “Small Falls…”

  1. Love the moss, too. It is a gorgeous contrast to the water,

  2. oh, with you on the Cowboys…not easy to say as a Texans fan, though.

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