Family Portrait

This is Nanny & Pop with the gaggle of grandkids. A quick snap from over the summer taken with a Lastolite Ezybox off camera left. Pretty big area to cover for one SB-900, boosted the ISO a bit, and shot this with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens. Funny thing about family portraits, almost impossible to get everyone looking, so I usually snap away and look for a “comfortable picture”, one that represents the point in time it was taken.

Thats one of the blessings of photography. The frozen moment captured for all time… that 1/500 of a second that lives forever, and no where is it better served than when it comes to a family portrait. Years from now when I gloss through my Lightroom catalogs (gone are the days of the old shoeboxes filled with polaroids and 110 camera pics 🙂 I’ll come across this one and whisper “… I remember that day… summer of ’09…”



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  1. The Best. One From The Heart.

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