Life at 2200

Tristan had his school play last night, “Big Words Strong Words” a play based on a book about Martin Luther King’s life. Kids did a great job (a much better job remembering lines than I would ever be able to do 🙂

Trouble with these plays are they are wickedly weirdly lit (if thats a sentence…) Big spotlight, shadows falling off all over the place, fluorescents overhead… all make for a pea-soup lighting solution.

And thats why I love my Nikon D3. I’m not one to fan the fires of Nikon vs Canon, I think they are both top-quality machines… but this image is one of the main reasons I made the switch. I’m shooting at ISO 2200, no flash, at f5. A little bit of noise, but one run of Noiseware professional and it was pretty much gone. Using my old Canon 40D, this would have been a nightmare, probably a snapshot to review, but never print or post- the grain would be too overwhelming.


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