A Small Excursion…

As a photographer you continuously develop a list of places you want to go, set up, and shoot to your hearts content.

Interestingly enough, most of these places are not local, and getting to some of them is well, a bit, difficult. Hence my day-trip to Page, Arizona from Las Vegas was filled with interesting events- a white-out snow storm between Kalab, Utah and Page forced me to drive about 5 miles an hour for almost an hour in pitch black no-line-in-front-of-you conditions… then there was the heard of deer in downtown Kalab that decided to bolt out into traffic and force a few of us in our autos to slam on our breaks and shake our heads. Not to mention, the “no service” on my iphone and blackberry for almost 2 hours. God forbid something happens to you out there ~ better know smoke signals…

Of course the payoff is when the destination exceeds your expectations. Getting up early, I drove to Horseshoe Bend just outside of Page. I’ve seen many pictures of the place and honestly wasn’t too impressed… until you actually go there and see the damn thing in real life. The mighty Colorado River has carved a big “U” in the middle of nowhere… and it’s just not any “U”, its a thousand foot drop from where you stand to the water line. And me being me, afraid of heights… well, a lot of deep breaths were going on, not to mention checking my tripod for sturdiness a half dozen times before affixing the camera to it.

This is an HDR image of the Bend, blended in Photomatix Pro. Had to shoot with a 14-24 mm lens in order to capture the whole thing!


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