Images in the Rock

As I walked through Antelope Canyon, both Lower and Upper sections my guide Vernon pointed out the “figures” in the rock. Their was Richard Nixon, cheeky jowls and all, George Washington, and an Angel. One of my favorite images in the rock though, was the stunningly real “Monument Valley.” You have to look straight up to the ceiling to make it out, but sure enough, the red rock makes a cutting double for the real thing.

Aimed the tripod up at a 90 degree angle, snapped off 5 bracketed images to capture the image above.

Funny thing about this is, when I got back to las Vegas the next day i was flipping through a local magazine and they had an article about Rodney Lough Jr’s new Wilderness Gallery at the City Center. Sure enough… there was his take on Monument Valley from Antelope Canyon splayed across the page. Seems like it’s a popular attraction for us photogs to shoot. During the week I had an opportunity to visit his Gallery and was amazed by his work- great landscape photographer! I laughed out loud when I saw one of his images “Toward the Light”, because I had named one of mine the very same thing (although his was a landscape scene, mine was a floral). Again, funny how we share the same conciousness…


One Response to “Images in the Rock”

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