NEW at The Gallery

I’ve long been a fan of the handwritten note. In this email crazy, blackberry driven, iphone wielding day, nothing goes further than a handwritten note to a friend, family-member, or loved one. Unlike the immediacy of email, a note has to be thought out, constructed and paused upon. You can rarely just fire one off… the great thing about it, is the recipient will linger on your words, and have a keepsake for years to come.

Really… nothing beats it.  Try it, I promise, the reaction you get will be worth it.

“Don’t send an email, send a Fine Art Notecard”… not sure that has the marketing ring to it that I would like BUT, you get the idea 🙂

We are taking some of our images and translating them to 5″x7″ notecards which will be available for purchase at The Gallery. $4.00 for a single card, 3 for $9.00. All notecards are signed. Cards are printed on paper from Red River Paper, a phenomenal paper company that makes stock specifically for notecards. It’s amazing stuff- we offer four different types of paper, a Fine Art Natural, Fine Art White, River Linen, and a High Gloss.

Stop in… check them out, buy one and send that handwritten note you’ve been meaning to accompanied by a beautiful Fine Art Print!

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