My Little Man

Aidan has a grin that just makes you giggle out loud ~ all knowing… for a 4-year-old.

This image was taken at the end of last summer, during the famous Mosquito Infestation of ’09. Bugs bigger than me flew through the air with big, sharp, pointy teeth 🙂

Anyway, Scott Kelby’s blog last week featured Calvin Hill, a German Photog whose a master at finishing images in Photoshop. His style may be a bit over the top (even for me), but the technique is applicable, so I set to work on this portrait, and applied a number of the steps he performed. In the end, I toned it down, but I liked it! I like the detail in his shirt and hands. Always feel fortunate when another photographer steps out and shares some knowledge that I can apply to my own work…



One Response to “My Little Man”

  1. The best part of this picture is that you captured exactly what makes Aidan – Aidan ;)Love it!

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