New Toys

So I just received the Kenko Extension tubes (set of 3, including the 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm), and the Really Right Stuff foot for my 70-200mm (the L10 I think its called) lens. All of these should make for some interesting macro work in the upcoming weeks. Flowers, bugs, just neat stuff like that. Of course I ahd to immediately play, so I ventured into my 7 year olds room and asked him to pony up some subjects- plenty of Club Penguin figures, cars, planes, puffles, and the like- so I hastened to set up a very “non-professional” set just to experiment for about 15 minutes prior to bath-time (the kids, not me!).

this is Rockhopper- he stands about an inch high (maybe), and this old beat up seaplane (his getaway vehicle, I understand he’s a rascal in Club Penguin land)… 2 quick snaps that taught me a few things already… 1) absolutely need a shutter release cable, any motion equals crappy image. 2) lighting will be required- these extra tubes, plus the Canon 500M Macro lens on the front element just sucks up the light like a black hole leaving nothing for your sensor to find, cranked up the ISO to 1600 for these tests, obviously for a flower that is going to be blown up, this just won’t due (here come the strobes!) and finally… move the subject not the camera~ your depth of field becomes virtually nil at these macro levels, gotta shoot stopped down f16-f22.

Can’t wait to really start shooting with this gadgetry, see where it takes us…


3 Responses to “New Toys”

  1. and begins another new journey! I can’t wait to see your florals. Before long you will be scouring ebay for a 70-180 macro nikkor.

  2. Why the Kenkos? I know a lot of fellows that use them but I am curious if you considered any other tubes?

  3. Also, on the light-sucking issue, for something like flowers, why not just lengthen the exposure time rather than boosting the ISO?

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