Yummy & Delicious!

I’m not a food photographer. Never had the urge to shoot something cooked or baked until tonight. These cupcakes were just begging me to break out some lights and lenses and get to work.

These are toffee/caramel buttercream cupcakes (OMG!). Not sure what the calorie count adds up to, but really who cares? These are worth every minute on the treadmill.  They were whipped up by the Three Sisters Cupcake Company of East Setauket for a birthday party… and they tasted as good as they looked 🙂

Shot them a few different ways – Nikon D3, 70-200mm zoom, 50mm 1.4 (shot wide open at 1.4-1/8), and I also added the Canon 500D Macro lens and a Gitzo tripod into the mix for some close up shots. Lighting was one SB-900 shot through a Lastolite Ezybox controlled by an SU800- mostly dialed into -1.3EV on the flash.

It’s a shame I can’t share these with you bloggers… if ony Nikon could create a teleportation device 🙂



9 Responses to “Yummy & Delicious!”

  1. they look amazing! delicious!

  2. OMG is right! Three Sisters Cupcake Company creates not only beautiful cupcakes but delish ones too! Love the B&W pic with the color cupcake. You caught the essence of those wonderful treats!

  3. I love Three Sisters Cupcake Company too! Their cupcakes are works of art! Beautiful pictures!

  4. It is stuff like this that will turn you into a food fotographer!

  5. Yummy, delicous and beautiful works of art. Three cheers for Three Sisters Cupcake Company!!!

  6. Hi Joe
    Makes me want to eat my screen. Great FOODTOGRAPHY…
    Hope you’ll be giving another lecture at the library soon?

  7. Bob: Hoping to do another class if there is interest… will let you know!

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