I think that I shall never see…

…So starts the poem by Joyce Kilmer (whose Dad invented Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder…)

Always loved trees. In the Redwood forests I stood beneath them craning my neck, amazed and humbled by their presence, and those trees, they really have PRESENCE. I mean, they are not only BIG but the feel old and wise. I love trees that have big limbs and reach toward the sky defying gravity and staking their place in the world.

This is a shot from Central Park. These trees felt old and wise as well… so I used a little Silver Efex Pro to give the image that old time feel.



One Response to “I think that I shall never see…”

  1. Joseph,

    I love this shot. I am an outdoorsman (backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, mountaineering) and relate to your comments about trees in a big way. I have a shot that you might appreciate on my website:


    I live on Long Island, but took this shot in a remote area of the Chesapeake Bay marshes last fall.

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