Rushing Water

Came across this image I shot when I was in Vermont, didn’t think too much of it until I reopened it recently and stared at it for a while. If you subscribe to National Geographic, their latest issue is all about water, how precious and scare it is across our globe, and how in the coming years freshwater will be the battleground from which many hostilities will stem (it’s already happening in India where fights break out and people are killed for cutting in lines to fill their jugs with fresh drinking water).

We truly take water for granted here in the United States (although every time I fly over Lake Meade and see the widening “bathtub ring” around its edges, it does make me wonder if we use this resource wisely), fresh, clean, disease free right from a tap… no standing in line, no fighting to fill a jug. Just something to think about next time you reach for that glass or bottle of Poland Spring.

This shot shows the ferocity of water the chaos and order that ensues when it flows rapidly through a river. The currents and eddies that get created when large volumes of water, coupled with speed, create works of random powerful art… like this image… your eye can’t help but follow the light and dark patterns, the waves fighting their own forward force and the ensuing splashed that get created

Great Stuff!



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