Annual Easter Portraits

Every year we start Easter morning with an Egg Hunt- the crazy bunny leaves its candied eggs and whatnot strewn throughout the house. It’s a ton of fun to watch the oys crawl, run, laugh, and pretty much love finding their tiny hidden treasures. Afterwards its dress up and shoot time, we’ve created an annual Easter Portrait and this year wanted to move outside to see what kind of  a snap could be captured. Using the Lastolite Ezybox, 1 SB-900 and an SU-800 commander unit, we set to work on the porch trying to balance the ambient light with some fill flash from the 900. It was pretty bright out, so stoppeddown -1 to 1.5 on the EV, kept the flash at about +0.3 – +0.7 to pop some light on tristan and Aidan;s faces and upper torso. I liked the effect, and it was all th better that we shot it in about 5 minutes. Quick and easy, and a nice result. That’s a good day when it comes to lighting and photography 🙂

Enjoy, and hope your Holidays were terrific!


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