Upper Antelope Light Beam

Antelope Canyon is actually 2 canyons that share the same “wash” area. The lower antelope is a bit narrower, windy, and punctuated with more hidden little treasures. Upper Antelope is more expansive, and has seveal broad, expansive “chambers” that have been carved out of the stone. The shafts of sunlight are bigger, bolder and more colorful in terms of how they interact with the rocks- often there is a bluish cast, or a brilliant red, fading off into a purple. Wicked cool stuff…

This was shot in Upper Antelope- love how the dust is suspended and captured in the lighbeam. Almost etheral in nature. Also liked how the opening in the top of the canyon is exposed to the sky… gives you a sense of how deep these canyons are… which adds more and more to their amazingness



2 Responses to “Upper Antelope Light Beam”

  1. Joseph,

    These Antelope Canyon shots are wonderful. You are making me jealous! I can’t wait to get out there myself some day.

  2. I’ve just canceled my trip to Page AZ… No way I can top that photo. I LOVE the blue light beam! Awesome work!

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