Canyon Spirit

Peter Lik whose work  truly admire has a famous photo taken in Antelope Canyon, its entitled “Ghost” and its an image of a light beam with floating sand particles that vaguely outline a ghost figure floating between the red rocks of Antelope. As I was shooting, I kept thinking of that image and hoped a similar situation might present itself to me.

Those light beams become visible as someone throws sand around. The suspended particles outline and sharply define where light is falling… they tend to give the beam its shape. The downside tot his is your expensive camera equipment gets inundated with sand and small particles which seem to forever stick to everything, no matter how much you clean it. But that’s, I guess, a “photo opp” hazard we photographers are more than happy to deal with when the place you are shooting is as awesomely magnificent as Antelope.

I didn’t really see this image nul I went into Post. As I was finishing some of the shots from Upper Antelope, I sorta sat back and noticed the outline of a figure “walking” through the canyon. Reminded me of a friendly spirit revealing itself to my lens. I think of all the images this and “Fire & Light” which I posted a few days ago are my favorites.



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