Two Up… Two Down…

Got a request from a client for some pics of the Navy’s Blue Angels. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot them now every other year at the Memorial Day Air Show at Jones Beach. Can never get enough of these guys (or the Thunderbirds) in flight. Just an awesome display of engineering, power, and skill. With the Air Show just around the corner figured I’d dust off some of the older shots and review the ones I like, and the ones I have to re-try this year.



2 Responses to “Two Up… Two Down…”

  1. Joseph,

    Nice shot! I’ve tried a few of these from a distance and know how hard it is to get these fast moving targets. Well done.

    What lens did you use for this one?

  2. Jim, thank you! This was shot with a 70-200mm f2.8, with a 1.7x telextender on it. Have to rip some frames in sequence, I’ve noticed that with the extender on some images get a bit “soft”… not bad, but not where I would like them to be. This one was in the middle of the sequence so it was pretty sharp.

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