Pitons, St. Lucia

Had some R&R in St. Lucia, but cannot go to such a beautiful place without my gear and arranging an all day tour of the Island. This shot is taken looking south-west, that’s the town of Soufriere (pronounced “Sue-Free”) sprawling to met the ocean while the mighty Pitons stand vigilant watch a little further south. The Pitons, and the whole region are actually remnants from a volcano that collapsed upon itself thousands of years ago, creating this incredible seen for us to behold today. The Pitons are straight out of Jurrassic Park, amazing t see this sheer walls rising from the ocean covered in palm tree and other local native plants.  Amazing scene and amazing place… will be posting some more shots next week.

For those of you that may be thinking about going to St. Lucia, I would highly recommend John at Serenity Tours. The images I am going to post would not have been possible without his guidance and assistance managing around the Island. He actually took us pretty deep into the rainforest for some river shots- it defied belief how alive and incredible it felt to stand there in the midst of so many living things. I rarely give out recommendations, but I feel I must given the great care John took to make sure I got incredible images of his home.


2 Responses to “Pitons, St. Lucia”

  1. Very nice Joe. What time did you shoot this?

  2. Mark- shot at around 6:15 “ish” last Tuesday night. Was hoping for a much better sunset, but a bank of clouds over the ocean got in the way… the “woes” of being a landscape photographer…

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