The Barracks, St Lucia

St. Lucia has a rich history. The British and French fought over the Island like a ping-pong match. Seven times the Island changed ‘hands’ and each had an influence on the culture and architecture while they ruled. John, our guide from Serenity Tours took us up to the College in Castries where some original buildings from the colonial time period still stand. Amazingly, when you look at the buildings you can actually see the different styles of the French and British- a building would be started with brick (British) then it would switch to stone (French) back to brick (English) and so on and so on.

Turns out the still active volcano provided very fertile land to grow crops. Bananas are still the largest export of the country (all go to the UK interestingly enough)- so the colonial powers recognized this and went to war over it.

The shot below is of the British barracks located on the College campus. Was a really cool place to walk around. you could feel the sense of history and when you closed your eyes you could see the redcoats walking the grounds. History is great. Glad I was able to record some of its remnants for posterity.


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