Restaurant with SOME view…

This became a very special spot for me while visiting St. Lucia. Amazing view of the Pitons and the city of Soufriere, it was also the spot I realized I forgot my Gitzo tripod and Really Right Stuff Ballhead on the other side of the city in a scenic overview stop. Thats about a $1,000 hit to the P&L as they say in finance… so very calmly I described to John our tour guide that I needed to head back over and see if it was still there.  Back we went through the city, up some hills and curved roads to the spot where it was last scene, and lo and behold it was still there on the ground where I had left it. I chalk moments like that up to being so focused on shooting, I tend to forget about everything else around me (tripods, people, cliff edges…) 🙂

Enjoy this restaurant with a view… for the moments I had prior to realizing I lost my tripod, I sure soaked it in…

btw… finished this off using NIKs Color Efex pro… a little tonl contrast, contrast color range to pop the yellow and a smear of darken/lighten center which I’ve pretty much used on every picture I’ve ever shot. Must tell you, as a photographer… NIK does an outstanding job at allowing you to finish your image with flair. (And no they don’t sponsor me, I just really like their product!)


One Response to “Restaurant with SOME view…”

  1. The finishing works well. It has a tropical feel. I grew up in Trinidad and we used to take weekend excursions to St. Lucia. It is a beautiful place and this is a lovely view.

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