Moab Bound

Landed yesterday in Grand Junction, CO and headed West and South to Moab… the mountain biking capital of the world, and the place where Red Rocks pile very high into the sky and make for dramatic photos.  Seems that foul weather finds me when I take these trips. Was driving along route 70 when lo and behold the sky turned really ugly (think Dorothy and Toto) and WHAM, its hailing, lightning, wind buffeting the car off the road… turns out this weather spawned 2 tornadoes in Arizona…)

Being a photographer, you gotta pull over and take a shot. This is the break point in the storm… the point where the clouds get real ugly, you feel the wind menacingly blowing at you and you go… oh, boy this isn’t going to be good.

Seriously felt like clicking my heels three times…


3 Responses to “Moab Bound”

  1. ouch… I wish I coulda been there! Meanwhile, I’ll just pop another vicadin and look at your blog.

  2. What an amazing shot, definitely worth the fear of landing in Oz with Dorothy and Toto too. Its a good thing you were in a car and not a bike. Amazing shot of nature.

  3. Wow, I just wanted to say that this is a great photo! Nicely done.

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