Balanced Rock

This is one of those scenes that takes your mind a minute to process. This 128 foot rock has an issue. There is a big ‘lollipop’ on top of it (about 55 feet high), and it looks well… balanced. Hence the name. Balanced rock is a neat spot to study the science of geology in progress. It had a companion, but it tumbled during the winter of 1975/76.

Didn’t like the original image I took. Seemed a bit icky to me, but in our workshop class Scott Kelby (Yes, the Scott Kelby) showed a trick to crop an image to a “cinematic” dimension (2.39:1). So, tried that crop on the image in Lightroom and WOW, liked the image. 🙂



3 Responses to “Balanced Rock”

  1. sweet! You should see what those reds look like under the influence of Vicadin.

  2. Man… you are so missed… hope the drugs help at least!

  3. Yeah, this is a great crop.

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