Mesa Arch

Edward Abbey described the Canyonlands of Utah as “the most weird, wonderful, magical place on Earth- there is nothing else like it anywhere…”

Have to agree with his assessment. This is the world-famous Mesa Arch. It overlooks a number of plateau’s spreading out across the various districts the Canyonlands are carved into (there are 4 to be exact).

For early risers, on clear days the sun rises directly through the arch and illuminates the Arch’s underbelly with a brilliant and fiery red glow. I’ve seen other images, including Peter Lik’s photography and I always thought in the back of my mind that the red had been “bumped up” in Photoshop, or some other post-processing software. Having been there, I can honestly tell you, no post is required… it really IS that red and amazing.

You gotta be up early, early in the morning to get there, and be prepared… LOTS of photographers show up to shoot this very seen. Turned into a bit of a stand-off for a little while as people would get pissy if you tried to slightly adjust your position and dare enter their frame. I actually found that about 3 minutes after sunrise you can move pretty freely around the area.

Shot this seen with a 16mm fisheye when the sun had already passed the arch opening. Funny thing, when I opened it in Lightroom I realized I got the sun’s reflection in the river below.  Made for a nice little bonus to the shot.



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