When in Moab…

Moab, utah is the mountain-biking Mecca of the world. Riders from all over the place come to ride the world famous SlickRock trail.

So it would have been a crime to shoot in Moab and NOT include something related to its rich mountain-biking heritage. Having once been a mountain biker myself (not a very good one, I might add, but I thoroughly enjoyed riding Mt. Snow and Killington in Vermont) I looked forward to working with Tyson, our MB model. He is orn and raised in the area and was obviously a talented rider.

Scott Kelby arranged all of this and as soon as we hit the trail we had an off-camera flash with umbrella set up only inches away from Tyson’s face. Scott provided a PocketWizard for all of us shooters to use (“Hey! Can you please pass the PocketWizard down the line…)” and we snapped away with wild abandon. It was high noon as you can see from the shot- so flash was set to full power to try and provide enough light into the shadows on Tyson’s face.

In post used a little tonal contrast (thank you NIK Color Effects Pro) to enhance the image and make Tyson pop a bit more. Backed off the filter on the sky to keep it more natural, and not to HDR-ish looking.


One Response to “When in Moab…”

  1. Nice shot and post-processing!

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