Delicate Arch

There is a lesson in this photo.

Delicate Arch is roughly a 60 feet arch located at the top of a mesa in Utah. Takes about an hour to hike in, and the vertical part of the climb is pretty steep, not to mention a bit scary (especially for those that tend to get vertigo, like I do).  The last 100 feet or so is a 3 foot ledge… no fence, with a drop a few hundred feet down.

The reward was worth the scare though, that much I can promise you.

When we arrived we had these great clouds overtop, great light all around and the promise of a “magical event.” As the sun dove to the horizon a cloud bank had appeared, and the magic light that we had waited over an hour for simply disappeared. Not that what was left was horrible, it wasn’t, but it wasn’t ‘magical’. Kept wishing for those clouds to part for the last few minutes and through them some warm, brilliant light rays would head our way… but on this endeavor, it wasn’t meant to be.

Word of advice, if you are shooting Delicate Arch, which you should if you are even close to the place, be there early. It was very crowded around the top, and tourists clamored to shoot themselves beneath the Arch itself. Me? I was too chicken-poop to even get over the ledge. Kept seeing myself tumbling down the mesa… not a pleasant sight to behold. Also… bring H20, I didn’t and by the time I got to the top (in about 40 minutes, I was trucking…) I was soaked through and through (remember, it’s about 40 lbs of stuff on my back plus the tripod, and you need a tripod up there when the light gets low).

Even without the magic light I had hoped for, I must say seeing the Arch in real life is one of those things that I’ll add to my “Thats just AMAZING list…” Almost seems surreal in a sense to see it so well preserved out there in the middle of nowhere, as I am sure it will be for the next few million years (I hope!)




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