Desert Floor

I love images that take the mundane and make them spectacular. This is an ordinary shot of the desert floor in Utah, big ole’ cactus in the lower left and the sunrise above it. Seems to capture the ‘everyday’ cycle of things…

Shot with a 16mm fisheye lens, thats why the sky has the exaggerated curve to it. Was going to correct that distortion, but I felt it added some dimension to the image and brought focus to the cactus just sittin’ there doin’ its thing. This is actually an HDR composite of 5 frames brought together using Photomatix… trying very hard to make my HDR’s look more ‘natural’ lately… sorta over the overdone thing…



6 Responses to “Desert Floor”

  1. i love the parallelism (is that even a word?) between the cactus and the rays from the sun. Awesome shot!

  2. You hit on it! Thats exactly what I was aiming for, great eye!

  3. I only learn from the best!
    Is there a prize? Do I get an autographed copy of your book? ooops. I probably wasn’t supposed to know that.

  4. Ha ha ha… wise guy!

  5. I mentioned on Facebook that this is perfectly balanced. Just looked at it again and had to leave another comment here as I’m really drawn to this shot. You’ve nailed it. I hope this one gets printed and put in the gallery. Think it will be a winner!

  6. You sure brought out the sperit of the south west,It must have been a very speritual moment for you as well. Bravo.

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