Dead Horse Point, Utah

Don’t love how this place got its name… supposedly, was a place where the cowboys would drive wild horses onto a mesa and corral them to be tamed. Problem was, they locked up a bunch of horses and left them there, they ended up dying of dehydration. The sad thing is they could see the Colorado River from where they were. 😦

One photography note… I would HIGHLY recommend if you visit this location to shoot at sunrise. At sunset (when we visited), the main canyon is in shadow, and there is a ton of haze… so shooting the actual bend in the Colorado at sunset isn’t really inviting. Couldn’t seem to make anything work. Luckily however, the red mesas that make up the area never disappoint when they catch the last of the suns rays. They light up red and tan and put on quite a display of earthy colors. Again, standing there seeing these mesas and their layers upon layers exposed by the mighty Colorado, you just can’t help trying to bend your mind around the epochs of geological time you are seeing. This is millions upon millions of years of nature at work… It almost hurts to think about, but when you are standing there for a fleeting moment you just feel very connected to the landscape around you.

One more quick story… Matt Kloskowski of Lightroom Killer Tips fame has a famous picture of a gnarled old tree that was taken here. A bunch of us found the tree and try as we might we couldn’t recreate the feeling of Matt’s shot (which was taken at sunrise with a great sky behind it…) We had a bald blue sky, and not such great light, so it almost looked like a shot of a pretty beat up tree against a blue screen background. Timing is everything in photography… that’s something to remember.  We threw a few SB-900’s at this puppy, a 14-24 and a 16mm fish to try and wring some magic from this damn tree, but nuthin’ upon nuthin’ happened. Ended up deleting most of my shots in sheer frustration 🙂




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