A Client Wanted a BIG Bridge

A potential client was flipping though my portfolio books and came across a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Not a full shot, just a shot of the arched tower, and the amazing cable work that holds the suspension bridge in place. I’ve blogged before that I have a true love affair with this bridge, when I see it, I just HAVE to photograph it… something about its history and the detail, and color make me lift my lens to capture it.

Anyway, the potential client saw the image and asked how big could the image be made? They have a conference room with a big wall, and would love to have this image, on canvas, on that big conference room wall.

Turns out I blew it up to a 40×60 inch size using Genuine Fractals and placed an order for it on canvas. Arrived last night.  LOVED it!

I included Aidan my youngest son for ‘scale’- he’s about to turn 5 years old next month. 🙂  Can’t wait to deliver this image to my client!



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