Lightroom 3 & Nikon P7000

Busy weekend with Halloween and all… also busy photographically speaking…

Finally upgraded to Lightroom 3, and I must say my initial impressions are it was worth it. Couple of quick observations.

1. Catalogs seem to load faster

2. Sharpening is 1000 times better than LR2

3. The export to Facebook is HUGE (also Flick and Smugmug)

4. The Brush tool actually works… REALLY, REALLY well.

So my hats off to the folks at Adobe. I hate the endless upgrade cycle, seems you are destined to shell out $100 or more every year, but this one was worth it.

ALSO… thanks to Bill Fortney at the Moab workshop I collapsed and purchased a point and shoot- the NIKON P7000. While it’s not quite a D3, it really is a marvelous piece of engineering. Used it to follow the kids around on Halloween and shoot video and stills, and again initial impressions are that its pretty damn good. Will post more in the next few days as I figure it out, I literally took it out of the box, played with the settings and went out the door. But if you are a Nikon shooter, the controls are very ‘intuitively’ Nikon, so the learning curve was minimal.

More to come later this week on the new toys 🙂


One Response to “Lightroom 3 & Nikon P7000”

  1. For me, LR3 was a significant upgrade and I did not mind paying.

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