Landscape Arch

Deep in the back corner of Devil’s Garden there is this amazing arch… unfortunately, it probably will not be around much longer.

A few decades ago a huge portion of the arch fell off… if you google the web, there are actually people who were there to take pictures of it (think of the probability of that). They have since closed off the path that lead you directly under the arch. Even with its missing sections, Landscape Arch spans OVER 300 FEET! Thats about a football field length in the AIR. Crazy, right?

With all the freezing and refreezing the rock within the arch gets weakened, and over the eons the arches can’t support themselves. Sigh. Sad to think that over time, all the arches we see today will fall to the same fate.

So enjoy ’em while you can 🙂


One Response to “Landscape Arch”

  1. I love how you used the wide angle in this shot.

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