The Christmas Photo

Every year we settle down in front of the tree and have the boys strike a kind, brotherly pose for the Christmas Card. I personally love Christmas cards, especially those with the kids. They record their timely progression from infants to adults, and I’m always amazed when we receive them from friends and family… I find myself saying “MY Lord, How Big {insert name} has gotten! Can you BELIEVE it!” Open the next card and repeat the saying…

So with that spirit in mind we always set out to take a picture that will have that kind of an impression. Something that captures their personalities and will make people who know them chuckle. We took a bunch, and while this one DID NOT make the final card selection round, I liked it a lot.


Image Notes: Shot with a Nikon D3, with an SB-900 shot through a Lasotlite Ezybox. Controlled the flash with an SU-800 commander unit. Finished the image using Lightroom 3, and CS3.


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