Brothers at Christmas

This is the  “inside” of this years Christmas Card. As usual, wasn’t as easy as it looks… I get a string of “Are we done yets’?” ‘Dad, you’re killing me if I have to take another picture…” and so on and so on. The value of saying “This will mean something when you are older…” doesn’t seem to be working so much…

Anyway, love these brother pictures and looking back at them over the last few years. They truly are growing up so fast and this annual tradition of the photo in front of the tree just seems to be an exclamation point to time’s onward progression. Amazing how a still photograph really captures their personalities… tristan is a bit more of a clown (as witnessed in the facebook video post… him screaming “They are TORTURING us!… that’s Tristan to a “T”).. and aidan, my sweetness, just wears that heart-melting smile. That’s also him to a “T’.

Merry Christmas everyone…


Nikon D3, with Sb-900 through Lastolite Ezybox, finshined in Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS3 (various Nik filters)


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