With a heavy heart…

…We had to say goodbye to our “gurl-dogga” yesterday.

After a valiant fight against a very aggressive cancer (which took one of her front legs in August) the results yesterday indicated it had returned and spread through her lungs and chest. She was losing this fight. Her breathing had become labored over the last few days… the steps should would normally take two or three at a clip, seemed much more daunting as her aching joints just couldn’t support her… I had started carrying her up those stairs so she could sleep in her bed on the floor next to me. This was one of her favorites spots to be, and like the most determined human, she wanted nothing more than to settle into that spot and sleep.

I am going to miss her “running dreams”, her crazed “throw-that-ball-as-far-as-you-can… I’ll-find-it”, look… her short-snorts (when she was done conversing with you), her getting-comfy-dance as she took her spot next to my feet while I finished images or wrote on this blog. She was a quiet presence that permeated our home. She was truly a member of the Rowland-clan… and she will be missed more than words can convey by all of us.

So it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye for now Mocha. I promise when we meet again I’ll have your favorite leash in hand, and my running shoes on… and we’ll go for a four or five miler. You can lead as you always did…

I miss you gurl dogga….

9 Responses to “With a heavy heart…”

  1. I am soooo sorry for your loss. She’s beautiful and her spirit shines in these images you so beautifully captured.
    You will meet again, and she will be as you remember her best–playful and loving.
    Best to you.
    Happy holidays.

  2. It was 10 years ago… christmas time… my dear friend and 14-year companion Casey couldn’t go on any longer. Not a day goes by that I don’t still think about her. My girls still talk about her as though she was still with us. When the wind blows a door open… someone shouts “Casey’s back!’

    She won’t be truly gone until she’s forgotten… and we remember her every single day. She’s still with us in our hearts and minds… and she still walks with us to the school bus stop every morning… at least in spirit.

    My heart goes out to you and the fam… I know it’s tough.


  3. Joe and Kathy,

    So very sorry to hear about Mocha’s passing. We are still reeling from our sweet Gracie dog’s passing last week, so we are all too familiar with the pain you are experiencing…

    Sending love to you guys from KS.

  4. What a sad time for you and your family. I am sure you will find comfort in knowing she had the best life as your furry friend and that is a great gift to a dog.
    Her portrait is lovey, she was a beautiful, soulful dog.
    With deep sympathy, Ginny

  5. Thank you guys, for all the kind words and thoughts. Truly appreciate it.

  6. Rowlands,
    Mocha was a big part of the Fagan family growing up. Her and Madison (our golden) were the best of friends and I enjoyed reminiscing with Joseph this week on the times we took the pups to the beach or local park and let them run and play. Madison and Mocha had a special bond growing up and no matter how long between play sessions, they always picked up where they left off. As Madison too had recently passed from illness, I know he is rejuvenated now and has his special playmate with him in doggie heaven.

  7. Old Friend,

    My deep condolences to you. I bet Mocha is doing that happy dance still, celebrating the fact that in this world she clearly had won the ownwer lottery.

  8. Scotty: Thank you… that made me smile- she gave as good as she got!

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