Yosemite Looming

So this Saturday I take off for Sacramento, CA. Will drive a few hours south to somewhere… I’m not sure where… to sleep the night and then up early to drive to the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. Will be shooting Monday through Thursday next week as part of the Moose Peterson, DLWS gang.

Excited, anxious, nervous… oh yeah, did I say excited? Never been deep country like this before, where the snow may be taller than me. Been running around buying last-minute items… some shell pants, some boots (Kamik’s didn’t fit, had to send em’ back to Amazon!), ordered a pair of Sorel’s… hope they work. I’m outta time. I think, as usual, I am over-preparing for just about anything. When I went to Moab earlier this year I packed for every thing imaginable, and only ended up using t-shirts and jeans and a pullover.

I guess my thinking is I’d rather be warm than cold. Dry than wet.

Can’t wait to shoot at the Park. Been on my list for years now, and I’m thrilled to think of what Nature might have in store for us. Will be up at sunrise, and shooting again at sunset, I am sure. Hoping that some of the images stick.

Oh yeah, did I tell you I was excited 🙂


3 Responses to “Yosemite Looming”

  1. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Truly beautiful country! One of my favorite images all-time is from there. But beware. Also saw a Coyote!
    : )

  2. Very jealous. Would love to join you, get away from this bit of water we have here at the moment.

  3. You inspire me.. Great images.

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