El Capitan

The hunk of granite is tough to miss as you wander the park. It rises to 3,000 feet seemingly out of nowhere. If you’ve been following the posts I’ve been writing, I’ve mentioned everything in Yosemite is BIG. And this attraction doesn’t disappoint.

Stumbled through the woods at The Capitan’s base looking for something to frame in front of it. Problem is in winter, with everything sorta icky and dead looking my first few attempts weren’t to pleasing. I did however find a bit of a clearing and using the inherent distortion in the 14-24mm wide angle lens shot low to create that “bending tree” look. Some folks like it, others don’t. I sorta do… draws the viewers eye into the frame, and I think our minds understand that real trees don’t necessarily grow like that, but photographed trees without a Perspective Control Lens… DO!

I wish the sky wasn’t so bald in this image… A bit of drama overhead would have made this a great picture… Something to shoot for next time.



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